Facilities Planning and Commercial Interior Design Services

Planning and organizing the build environment combines several disciplines of professional service. Sherman Design Group believes in performance based design—a process that augments the efficiency of an organization and its employees.

The Sherman Design Group Design Track


Predesign services are the foundation to all other design services. Analysis of the built environment and its relationship to organization performance is fundamental to facilities planning. Gathering information about goals, objectives, limitations and operating procedures provides an understanding of organizational needs and establishes the general character, quality and parameters of the project.

  • Strategic Facilities Planning
  • Programming
  • Space Calculations
  • Project Analysis

Preliminary Design

Preliminary design services graphically represent the information gathered, determines space, operational adjacencies and design criteria. Cost identification guides the design process by establishing known limitations early in the project. Documentation and evaluation of existing elements provide asset management information while standards’ programs define a set of relationships between the organizational structure, users and the function of the space.

  • Space Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Budget/Cost Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Standards Programs

Design Development/Contract Documents

Design development/contract document services determine, develop and complete the construction, furniture and finish documents. Computer assisted drawings are developed together with clear readable specifications, to produce a contractor-friendly set of working drawings that complete the project within-budget and on-time. Decorative services provide and establish aesthetic and practical use of finish materials, art and accessories, thereby adding continuity to the project.

  • Construction Documents
  • Furniture/Finish Documents
  • Specifications
  • Decorative Services

Contract Administration

Contract administration services include construction and installation oversite. Preparing a bidding package for the selection of the appropriate contractors and acting as a liaison between the building department, government agencies, consultants and contractors ensures a smooth beginning to construction. The review of contractors submittals and interpretation of the contract documents, provides a well coordinated construction process. Monitoring the building process, preparing field reports and project inspections prior to move-in completes the project with quality assurance.

  • Building Department Liaison
  • Bidding Documents
  • Field Observation
  • Punch List