Optional Professional Services

Planning and organizing the built environment combines several disciplines of professional service. Sherman Design Group, Inc., believes in performance based facility design, a process that augments the efficiency of an organization and its employees.

Entitlements / Project Surveys

Entitlement services combine preliminary planning, schematic design and coordination with public agencies to provide the property owner with an approved concept for their Project. Project survey services include measured documentation of the physical attributes and boundaries of a site or buildings. Whether it’s for understanding an asset or a governmental code requirement, a Project survey provides the property owner valuable information to maintain and operate their building.

  • Entitlement Services
  • Parking Requirements
  • Accessibility
  • OSHPD-3
  • Occupancy Requirements

Relocation Coordination

Relocation coordination services anticipate possible problems on move day. The liaison between staff, the contractor and the moving company include easy to understand schedules and drawings to facilitate the move. Beginning with staff orientation, communication is paramount with any relocation. The process continues through inventory control, vendor liaison, on-site labeling and move day coordination.

  • Relocation Planning
  • Project Management
  • Move Coordination

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Post-Occupancy evaluation services include after move-in evaluation of the Project, operations and maintenance procedures. The facility assessment includes, fulfillment of the original expectations and objectives, and after-the-fact measure of facilities efficiency and usefulness, and user satisfaction criteria.

  • Performance Criteria
  • Assess Objectives
  • Evaluate Procedures

Graphic Design

Graphic design services combine a variety of elements that establish visual orientation for the organization. Distinctive exterior identification initiates visitor perception, while wayfinding helps visitors find their way to and through buildings and other spaces. Clear simple paths of travel combined with recognizable, easy-to-understand signage enables visitors to find their destination without staff assistance. Visual communication services provide sensible control of the organization’s image and presents a clear and effective impression to the public through logo, letterhead, promotional and presentation elements.

  • Exterior Identification
  • Wayfinding
  • Directional Graphics
  • Visual Communications