Project Management

Philosophy of Service

The philosophy of Sherman Design Group, Inc. (SDG) is to provide full service to a variety of clients. Commercial interior design begins with pre-planning and design space requirement analysis through the completed occupancy of a new or renovated facility, these services are provided by full time experienced staff. Applying this philosophy produces continuity between office and project and the experience gained over the design of hundreds of facilities, becomes part of the decision process for the project.

SDG uses specialists in each of our production staff areas. Design, technical drafting, specification and construction observation are carried out by our own staff members who have been trained and devote their professional time to these objectives. In this way, our clients are provided with the highest quality of expertise for their project.

Method of Operation

The Principal-in-charge maintains a high level of involvement with all projects. The Principal reviews the quality of all work and presentations prior to submittal to the client and participates in all major presentation meetings with the clients. SDG’s communication systems for project methods, documentation and standards, assist the Principal-in-Charge in keeping well informed.

A Project Manager is assigned to serve as the day-to-day liaison and account manager with the client. His/her function is to continually gather information about the project; present information, plans, budgets and design results to the client; oversee all design operation for the project produced by SDG’s support staff to ensure accuracy and that the quality of materials reflect the specifications established for the project; and to ensure that the project schedule and budget are followed for the Client.

In summary, the approach SDG employs for its projects include the following factors.

  • Developing a clear understanding of the steps to be taken in carrying out the services.
  • Establishing a team and systems approach for the project, in order to determine the appropriate experience of professional staff on the project team, at the proper time, and to have all of their efforts mesh into an effective solution.
  • Placing varied resoures into the hands of the Projectu00a0Manager to ensure the final product is produced efficiently and on time.

Management Team

The qualifications and experience of the SDG team described makes us highly qualified to carry out a project of any scope.