Space Planning Tenant Improvement Services

Tenant improvement services allows the landlord to assist prospective tenants in understanding how their requirements could be achieved in the landlord’s building. Sherman Design Group, Inc., provides planning methods that provide the landlord with construction consistency and cost controls.

Programming/Space Plan Development

Programming services are fundamental to the planning process. Gathering information about the prospective tenants requirements provides for an efficient space plan. Discussions of building standards enables the prospective tenant and landlord to understand cost considerations. Development of a project timeline allows the prospective tenant to plan their relocation.

  • Tenant Space Program
  • Tenant Space Planning
  • Project Timeline

Construction Documentation

Construction documentation illustrates proposed improvements in sufficient detail to enable the landlord’s contractors to generate firm prices, receive necessary permits and construct the interiors. Construction administration provides document interpretation and monitoring the construction process.

  • Construction Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Building Department Liaison
  • Construction Administration

Building Standards

Building standards are the foundation to the tenant improvement and building management process. Established details, specifications and materials allow the landlord to offer consistent quality while controlling costs. A tenant improvement guide illustrates the building standards, costs and identifies the lease/design/construction team, that gives the prospective tenant confidence in their selection of a new business location.

  • Construction Standards
  • Construction Details
  • Cost Controls
  • Tenant Improvement Guide

Public Space Design

Public space design services include the planning and commercial interior design of areas in and around the building that are accessible to all tenants and the general public. Directional graphic, interior and exterior sign design add continuity and identification to the building.

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